Custom Orthotics

Custom computerised Orthotics CAD/CAM

walkingVideo Gait Analysis: An individual’s gait (walking pattern) is observed both visually and recorded digitally. Here deviations from the accepted ideal normal gait cycle are recorded and used to guide orthotic parameters for accurate correction.


Scanner_3DM_073D Laser Scanner: No more messy plaster casting required! A 3D laser scanner is used to accurately capture the exact contours of the individuals feet ensuring the most accurate and comfortable fitting orthotics are produced.


Custom Orthotics:The podiatrist who treats your lower limbs and feet is the same person to design your custom full length EVA orthotics. Your Orthotics are milled buy a revolutionary Milling machine that is able to Mill both sides of your orthotic so you get the exact fit to your foot and your shoe.




Foot Pressure Measurement: we utilize a pressure measurement plate to clinically measure the forces occurring through your feet. Deflecting forces from painful bunions or Heels to protecting an ulcerated wound, we are able to diagnose, measure and get the best result.





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