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BenAbout Ben Stasiak…
I started my professional career as a laboratory technician working in the department of pathology at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. Although I did enjoy my time there I always wanted a more clinical role and to deal directly with patients rather than being confined to a laboratory.

So it was in 2003 that I graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) and started my life as a full time Podiatrist. Since then I have gained valuable experience in all facets of the profession. I pride myself on being friendly, thorough and efficient to provide the best possible service for you.Whether it is general foot care, diabetic screening or any lower limb aches and pains, all are welcome. I am able to achieve great results for lower limb complaints using customized orthotics inserts to address biomechanical abnormalities. I also provide a more “hands on” approach when treating lower limb complaints through foot mobilization and manipulation therapy which I believe is a more complete treatment approach versus orthotic therapy solely. Being an active cyclist for the past 20 years (8 years competitively) I have developed a particular interest in cycling biomechanics and have great understanding from both a riders and a clinical point of view. Using specifically designed custom orthotics I have successfully treated many riders for common cycling problems (foot pain/numbness, knee, hip and lower back complaints) enabling them to ride pain free and more efficiently. I am always up for a challenge and welcome all new patients.

Michael First in Feet Podiatrist

About Michael Eccels…

Michael graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Podiatry and has since worked for several podiatry businesses gaining valuable knowledge and skills in all facets of the profession. Michael joined First in Feet Podiatry in 2017 and services several of the practice locations.

Michael’s a passionate podiatrist and prides himself on providing quality holistic podiatry health care. Michael’s a competent all-rounder podiatrist at providing services ranging from foot and nail care, diabetes assessments and wound care but his podiatric special interest include sports injuries and strains, foot and leg pain associated with abnormal biomechanics, pediatrics foot and leg pain and performing nail surgery.